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Personal Wellbeing

No, this is not a fantasy!

This is an authentic real estate community being designed for development, for seasoned citizens who desire a life of active contentment. The elements of contentment being the freedom from inclement weather, hostility, chaos, crime and danger.Elysium is being designed so that it can be easily replicated in most cities in America, to  serve the exploding numbers of baby boomers that have earned the luxury of their pursuit of real happiness. Whether that happiness is found in a great cup of French roast coffee, the aroma of a rose in bloom, or a close relationship with a new friend.

Life as a senior is not just nutrition and exercise. Yes, those elementsare necessary for blood-flow and mobility. But there is another consideration that is critical to your wellbeing. We all require a social component to enhance our existence. We are social animals. Elysium will offer the proximity to others who require that same social component.  Those who want and need friendship and the enjoyment of like creatures. While our bodies can no longer accomplish what they once could, our minds have been expanded by life’s experiences that now need to be shared. Our Elysium will be your Elysium! We all aspire to living independently.  But what if your needs should change such that you will require attention or assistance?  If that should become a part of your life, Elysium will be equipped to provide assisted-living in whatever form it should take. Even in the event of a medical emergency, a staffed facility will be moments away to address the emergency and resolve it.

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About the Background
This is the sort of environment Elysium will emulate outside the the residences. This photo is of a street in Weimar Germany.