Trigger 1


You’ve spent much of your life caring for your family and friends, in many cases overcoming significant hardships. Now that you’ve arrived at a place where the wisdom of life’s experiences allows you to consider how to enjoy a more reflective season of life, we ask you to contemplate the prospect of residing in Elysium. Perhaps it would be best to describe how we define Elysium. . .

First, and foremost, you will be surrounded by those who share your understanding of a life among friends who hold American values. While you will enjoy all the amenities of modern living, your surroundings will resemble that of a small European village.

  • Your home will be enclosed in an indoor, climate-controlled village so you need not be subjected to  a harsh climate.
  • A village that will boast common areas to allow social interaction with your neighbors and friends.
  • The village will have a chapel to permit you to practice your faith, if you so choose.
  • You will live with the comforting knowledge that an emergency-care facility is close by, in case you should ever need it.
  • You will enjoy the exercise of strolling through Elysium, passing by shops that are related to your lifestyle.
  • You will enjoy the comfort of the village security force dedicated to your comfort and safety.


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About the Background
This is the sort of environment Elysium will emulate outside the the residences. This photo is of a street in Weimar Germany.