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  • A “baby boomer” is essentially an American that was born between 1946 and 1964.
  • The 75 million baby boomers have reached retirement age of 65.
  • The cost of healthcare to senior citizens generally exceeds the rest of the population by multiples.
  • Most of the baby-boomers are financially illequipped to sustain their healthcare costs.

With the constant mantra of how the country cannot sustain the Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security bubble of the baby boomers, the actual baby boomers, to hijack a phrase, a being thrown out with the bath water.

Elysium is a development plan to provide innovative senior housing solutions that are affordable, safe, and worthy of the respect our senior citizens have earned and therefore deserve.


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About the Background
This gorgeous city street with its small family shops epitomizes European culture at its finest. The common areas of Elysium are intended to replicate that environment.